Eve Rust

Eve Rust is a campaigner to keep recorded memory free from corporate ownership. She is the founder of the now outlawed lobbying group the XM. She is is currently fugitive from the Digital Investigations Command who have a warrant for her arrest as part of memory crime initiative Operation Flashback.

Controversial figure

Rust divides opinion. To some she is a self-serving attention seeker who uses the legitimate fears around the introduction of extensive memory technology to raise her own profile and feather her own nest. To others she’s a victim of an orchestrated campaign to silence opposition to the £22bn sale of the eXm license to Mevokia corporation. The XM were outlawed after Rust allegedly supplied journalist with ’mems’ illegally recorded on the phone of a government minster. The mems appear to show the official accepting a bribe from a Mevokia executive. There is currently a government enquiry into the so called "memgate" affair.

Alzheimer’s research

As an undergraduate at Nottingham University failed to complete her degree. Instead she volunteered to help in a research programme run by bio-quantum chemist Dr Elizabeth Evans who had just developed what would become extensive memory technology (eXm). The two year research programme looked at the use of eXm in helping Alzheimer’s sufferers and found that in certain conditions lost memory could be restored.


Rust formed the XM in 2007 to campaign for the use of eXm technology in therapeutic situations. From the start the XM were against the commercial and mass exploitation of memory exchange citing the psychological risks of mem exchange. It has been alleged that Rust stole University equipment to record her mother’s memories in the weeks before her death from cancer in February 2005. Rust disappears from all records for a year but has since admitted in interviews that after her mother’s death she ‘became a bit of a mem-head’. “Sadly,” she has written, “I was not interested in my mother’s memories, except those of my father who died when I was very young. I had no memories of him of my own. I tried to collect mum’s memories of him and reliving those was deeply damaging to me. I realised that memory exchange could sever an individual from their own self, that it was possible to reconstruct your psyche from random fragments of other people’s memories.”

Sexiest Outlaw

In 2012 Eve Rust was voted “sexiest outlaw” by readers of New Revolution magazine.

External Links

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Eve Rust

Born 1985
Location Bristol, United Kingdom


Eve Rust
Eve Rust