DIC Crest

Digital Investigations Command


If you have any information on Eve Rust, the XM or any other memory crime please contact us. Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you are you going to be near the memory dealers soon then call us and receive immunity from prosecution.

Led by Detective Inspector Patricia Stone, the DIC is responsible for combatting the growing problem of memory crime. Our current number one target is Eve Rust, a known member of the XM, a proscribed organisation.

Detective Inspector Patricia Stone

“Rust poses as a free memory campaigner,” says DI Stone, “but what she really wants is to keep control of the street dealing of mems. It is only a matter of time before we bring her in.”

Eve Rust

Eve Rust

Operation Flashback

Operation Flashback is a major initiative to combat all forms of memory crime. The arrest of street dealers is a priority as is the gathering of evidence against, and arrest of, all members of the XM.

Detective Inspector Patricia Stone

“Operation Flashback is bad news for street dealers like Eve Rust and the XM,” says DI Stone.

Mem users

mem users