Audience comments after previous performances of The Memory Dealer:

“It was fun and adventurous.”

“A very enjoyable way to spend two hours.”

“Phew, I’m just coming down from the experience.”

“It was nice the way the story layers revealed themselves.”

“I was very impressed and I’ve done a lot of these kind of things, like Blast
Theory and street games.”

“It was totally immersive. You had to join in but it wasn’t cringey.”

“It’s like misremembered thoughts, thinking back and you nearly
almost remember it.”

“The bit with the radio was a bit, kind of trippy, because it sort of
punctures your interior space in quite an interesting way.”

“Some people have had a really weird day in the Broadway today. I went round
asking people if they were the dealer and they were like (pulls funny face).”

“You felt, like, ‘Oh God, I don’t know who’s acting and who isn’t’.”