Technical help

You will need a smart phone
To experience The MEMORY DEALER you will need an iPhone or Android phone. If you don’t have one you can arrange to borrow one when you book.

And you'll need the app
• Step 1: Download & Install the Apple or Android version of the
APPFURNACE PLAYER on your phone. It's a free app.
• Step 2: Load AppFurnace Player, and click the + icon.
• Step 3: Click 'Scan & Add' and scan this QR code.
The MEMORY DEALER app. will start downloading automatically.

qr code

or type in the URL and hit download.
• Step 4: When it has downloaded, tap the entry in the list and press PLAY.
• Step 5: Please test your headphones using the test button, and remember to arrive with your phone
charged enough to play audio for a couple of hours.

Can I do other things on my phone while the app plays?
If you move away from the app to do other things on your phone the audio should pause, when you return it should restart in the same place. If it offers a choice - resume or reset, then resume. Resetting will start you at the beginning again, so don’t click without asking one of the “watchers” first.

Can I experience The MEMORY DEALER without turning up at one of the events?
You will not be able to use the app to experience the drama unless you have purchased a ticket and received a scheduled time.

Sound isn’t loud enough
If the volume of your phone is up full and you still can’t hear, try going somewhere quieter.

Keeping safe
You might want to put your phone out of sight so it’s safe.

I still need help!
If something has gone wrong and you need help, go back to the Host at the Watershed or ask one of the “watchers” for help.

Foreign phones
If your phone account is abroad you should make sure you download the app using wi-fi as data charges may be high using 3G. There should be no other cost implications, except that you will receive a text message.